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Family Fun at Mt. Diablo

Every year I have the opportunity to photograph a family photo session for my good friend Jennifer. A family photo shoot is a great way to capture those precious moments-in-time forever. My studio manager asked Jennifer about the shoot and here's what she shared with us:

"We love doing our annual family photos. We have done it every year since my oldest son was born. Kids change so fast, it’s amazing to look back over the years at the photos. We recently moved and I went through all the images that we’ve taken and used them to put around the new house. I have received so many compliments and I am so happy to have them to share and enjoy."

Special thanks to the Brown family for letting me capture your family moments so that you'll always be able to look back at past shoots and look forward to the next year's photo shoot. 


Virginia & Savannah :: Mommy - Daughter Photo Shoot

Virginia is a beautiful, sweet, single mom with the cutest little girl, Savannah. Since the mommy-daughter duo live on the east coast, this family photo shoot was designed as a gift to Virginia's parents and brother. And of course, little Savannah was the star of the shoot. She is lovely to photograph; she communicates very well and is full of sentences! She's a little chatter box and is definitely loves to giggle. Looking at these images of her different expressions will just make your day. Oh and you might recognize my Chicken, the famous Paddle Dog, who made an appearance at this shoot too!


Sauzier Family Portraits :: Juliette's First Photoshoot

To quote William Shakespeare's Romeo referring to his Juliet, "...For nothing can be ill, if she be well." (5.1.15-16). Baby Juliette Sauzier fits this quote to a tee! She is so adorable that if she's well, the rest of the world is all good. But even if she shows a little grumpy face, things are still pretty darn good for this little one.

This blog is dedicated to Juliette's first photoshoot at the wonderous age of 1. It's so hard to choose photos from a family portrait session to share on my blog because when there's a girl as cute as Juliette, you spend a lot of time trying to decide which images are the cutest, and if you ask for other opinions, you get different answers and then you all just have to agree that all the photos of Juliette are so cute! So here ya' go...some of our favorites!


Hecksher Family Portrait

Family - Truly the most important thing to me in this world!  Marie Hecksher asked me to photograph her family just before her birthday party at the Legion of Honor.  All of her brothers and sisters were there, surrounding her 87-year old mother.  

If you knew me as a young child, you would know that my favorite past-time was visiting the elderly folks in my neighborhood.  I love love love the older generation!  I am humbled by their experiences.

Here are a few of the family and some of the darling mom (of SEVEN!).